Rules and Regulations


All the students are expected to take their seats in their respective classes soon after the first bell. In the morning session class works will begin after a one minute silent prayer.

Late comers will not be permitted to enter the class. They should go to the Library and engage themselves till that session is over and shall attend classes from the next session.

A student shall not absent himself/herself from the class without proper leave applications duly signed by parents/guardians.

Attendance will be taken during every period of work. Students coming late are liable to incur loss of attendance. Any student found outside the class room during class hours will be marked absent. Students shall not disturb classes by moving about in veranda as this will cause disturbance to the classes that are going on. Leave of absence from composition classes and class tests will be granted only when they are sanctioned by the Head of the Department concerned.

Every student shall earn the minimum of 75% (seventy five percent) of attendance to qualify to appear for End Semester Examinations.

If a student is absent for one or more hours in one particular session (forenoon or afternoon) he/she will be marked absent for half a day.

Permission to leave the college premises during working hours can be granted only by the Principal or concerned HOD, usually on production of a letter of request from the student.

Medical Certificate should be produced for more than three days of sick leave and the student should produce proper evidence for any other type of leave.

The Principal shall have power to condone shortage of attendance up to a Maximum of 10 percent i.e., nine days in any semester for valid reasons like Ill -health, etc., on paying the prescribed condonation fee.

Governing body of the College shall be the appellate authority whenever there is any dispute on condonation of attendance.

Statement of attendance shall be displayed in the College notice board every month and arrangement will be made to communicate the same to the parents.

If shortage of attendance exceeds the limit prescribed for condonation of Attendance, he/she will not be presented to the End Semester Examinations. Such students who could not write the University Examinations will however be permitted to continue their studies in the subsequent semester.

Deficiency of attendance in one semester shall be compensated in the subsequent semester, such that the combined attendance for any two consecutive semesters will be taken into account for determining the eligibility of a student to be presented for the University Examinations.

A student will be given only one opportunity to carry forward the deficiency in attendance to the next semester during the period of study of any degree course, failing which he/she will have to be readmitted.

If the attendance earned by a student is less than 55%, he/she will have to discontinue the course and repeat the same semester course again.

Students are eligible for exemption from attendance whenever they represent the college in any event/competition/tournament or NSS Camp whenever they attend with permission from HOD and Principal.


Every student shall attend classes regularly and shall refrain from doing anything calculated to impede the attention of other students or disturbing adjacent classes.

After ringing of the bell or blow of siren at the end of each hour all students shall be seated in their seats for the next hour.

Students shall not leave the class room without prior permission of the teacher before the class is discharged.

Students are forbidden from organising any meeting in the college or collecting money for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.

Every student shall handle the College property with care and do everything in his/her power to preserve the cleanliness of the campus.

Students are not allowed to address any authority in a body except with the permission of the Principal.

Smoking is strictly forbidden within the college campus.

Intoxicants are strictly prohibited.

Every student shall wear clean and suitable clothing and not appear in the College improperly dressed.

On all the important occasions or functions in the College all the students should be present neatly dressed in specified uniform.

Anyone who infringes any of the rules of the college either in word or deed shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and the Principal shall have full power to inflict the following corrective means: fine, loss of attendance, refusal to issue term certificate and conduct certificate, suspension and expulsion.

Students of the college are bound to obey the rules and promote the corporate life in the campus. In the interpretation of the rules and in any academic or disciplinary matter not covered by the rules, they shall accept the decision of the Principal.

If any student or groups of students are found indulging in violence or vandalism causing damage to the College assets, the individual student or the group of students shall be required to bear the cost of replacement of those assets individually or collectively along with the payment of fine for such misbehaviour.

No notice of any kind shall be circulated by the students or pasted anywhere in the College campus without prior permission by the Principal.