Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

The cell was aimed at providing awareness of intellectual property rights to faculty members, research scholars, and students. A platform for encouraging the filing of IPRs and patenting the products and technologies for the benefit of the Institute and thereby to society at large.

In a world increasingly propelled by technology, research is the foundation of any nation’s economic growth. The IPR cell adopts a sound IP strategy to secure IPR for a large base of knowledgeable faculty and highly talented students in the college. Regular project and research activities at the college have innovation potential. So,we are in the process of setting up structured processes to identify, facilitate, and develop innovation. In corporate organizations, almost always, there is an exclusive unit dedicated to strategizing on issues of IP. The IPR cell is here to provide relevant, timely, and targeted support to inventors in protecting their IPR and to boost confidence in generating IPR to make our institute self-reliant in finance. It also scrutinizes the legal and monetary facets of the documentation of research papers. The IPR cell has the following aims and objectives:

Besides the above objectives, the IPR cell intends to carry out various activities such as organizing special lectures and seminars, an IPR quiz, a declaration contest, student talks, an essay competition, IPR exhibitions, and the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day (April 26).