Research & Consultancy

Overview :

Jeppiaar College of Arts and Science has commenced research programs in various disciplines. Several members of our faculty have already undertaken scholarly research activities. All the departments are encouraged to do research at the UG level itself by allowing students to do mini projects, group projects, major projects, internships, and summer training to inculcate the research interest. The principal of the college has been the supervisor for 23 Ph.D. scholars and has also published more than 210 research articles in national and international journals. Thus, research has been part of the academic culture on the JAS campus. The activities include the research, dissertation work, or mini-research projects done by the students at the undergrad level. Periodical guest lectures with renowned scholars, researchers, and young scientists animate the academic ambience and give impetus to the young minds. Researchers in various faculties have ties with various international and national libraries and other centers of active research.


Research policy establishes the research environment within which staff members and students carry out their research. It also provides an overreaching framework for the development and implementation of all research perspectives at Jeppiaar College of Arts and Science, Chennai.


The policy has application to all disciplines. A robust and responsible research culture will demonstrate:



The policy of research (the Code) aims to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all research conducted by the faculty members and research scholars.

The purpose of this document is to establish those minimum requirements for responsibilities, the proper conduct of research, management of research data and materials, publication and other matters pertaining to research.

Breach Of Research Conduct

A breach of the code for research conduct is an unintentional failure to comply with principles or specific provisions of the college’s research policies governing the conduct of research by the researchers. Repeated or continuing breaches may constitute research misconduct.

Research misconduct includes:


JAS has the responsibility to promote and sustain a culture of research integrity through the development and communication of appropriate policies and standards and through the provision of support and suitable infrastructure.

As part of the above, the college will promote effective mentoring and supervision of researchers and research trainees. This includes advising on research integrity, research ethics, research design and methods, and the responsible conduct of research through these mechanisms and relevant ethics committees. The college also has a responsibility to respond to, investigate, and deal appropriately with any allegations of research practices not complying with the standards expressed in this policy.



The responsible conduct of research is an integral part of the quality assurance of JAS. From the point of view of research integrity, the premises for the responsible conduct of research are the following: