Students can avail the following scholarships, guidance and help will be provided by the Office to apply for these scholarships.

National Scholarship State - Collegiate (students of TN)

Govt. of India & State for SC/ST,

Govt of India (SC/ST) State (SC/SCC/ST)

Children of Freedom Fighters

Childen of Defense Services Personnel

Children of Working school teacher

Children of repatriates from Burma (Arrived in India after 1st June, 1963)

Children of repatriates from Sri Lanka(Arrive in India after 1st nov, 1964)

Anglo - Indians (Residing in TN)

Physically handicapped - State Govt (Orthopedic/blind/deaf)

Physically handicapped - Govt of India(Orthopedic/blind/deaf)

National loan Scholarship Fee Concessions SC/ST

Student's Aid Fund College Level for Meritorious

Management Scholarship for Meritorious

NOTE: Further no student should be recipient of more than one scholarship. Scholarship is liable to be forfeited if the academic progress and conduct of the student are not satisfactory.